Thursday, October 30, 2008

a new "old" mixtape from me: "In Effect Mode" (recorded in May '07)

May of '07: i was fuckin around in the early part of a set i was doing on 4 turntables with the homie Kurupt at Red Fez in Austin, Texas and i went into some new jack swing for a little while. the shit came off better than i could've imagined so i decided to throw a few of my favorites together in the mix and VOILA!!!

other than posting it on myspace and in the comment sections of blogs i frequent like The Smoking Section, Okayplayer,, Nah Right and a few others, plus a few burned copies for immediate friends and associates, it hadn't really been heard too much until my homie Janee at gave it the spotlight last Friday in her Soulful blog. (thanks a million shawty!!!)


i decided to have P (the genius behind my "Lake Minnetonka" mixtape cover) work her magic again. i knew i wanted to play off of Al B. Sure's debut album but i couldn't dig up any old pics of me from when i was rockin' my curly box fade back in the day, lol...

aight, nuff yappin. here's the tracklisting. enjoy...

Troop "Spread My Wings"

LeVert "Casanova" (rip Gerald LeVert)

Bobby Brown "Don't Be Cruel"

The Boys "Dial My Heart"

Samuelle "So U Like What U See"

After 7 "Can't Stop"

En Vogue "Hold On"

Klymaxx "Good Love"

Lisa Stansfield "All Around The World" (45 King Remix)

Hi-Five "I Like (the kissing game)" (rip Tony Thompson)

Tevin Campbell "Round & Round"

Christopher Williams "I'm Dreamin"

BBD "Do Me!"

Today "Him Or Me"

Entouch "Too Hype"

Jane Child "Don't Wanna Fall In Love"

Johnny Gill "Rub You The Right Way" (remix f. CL Smooth)

Redhead Kingpin "Do The Right Thing"

Wreckx N Effect "Rump Shaker"

Big Daddy Kane "I Get The Job Done"

Teddy Riley feat. Guy "My Fantasy"

Bobby Brown "My Prerogative"

Babyface "It's No Crime"

Janet Jackson "Alright"

Another Bad Creation "Iesha"

MC Brains "Oochie Coochie"

BBD "Poison"

The Good Girls "Your Sweetness Is My Weakness"

Tony Toni Tone "Feels Good"

Monday, October 27, 2008

this just in!!! Lil' Wayne a no-show at Rochester concert...


i ain't even gotta say shit. i'ma let the OFFICIAL news release say ey'thing..

Lil Wayne, the self-proclaimed greatest living rapper, stiffed 8,000 of his fans on Sunday night. Apparently dissatisfied with the sound system, according to Blue Cross Arena officials, rap's biggest seller declined to perform.

What, does our town smell bad or something? Saturday night at the Blue Cross Arena, co-headliner Plies was also a no-show. At least T-Pain and Rick Ross came out for the 5,000 fans on that night. Otherwise, what was to be the biggest hip-hop weekend in Rochester by everyone's recollection is instead being remembered this morning as a rip-off.

Ludacris did his best to save Sunday night — he did a yeoman's job of cooling folks off, in fact — but hundreds of fans left after the announcement that Lil Wayne would not be performing, and that full refunds would be provided. Others merely sat in their seats and chanted barnyard slang for bovine waste matter.

Ludacris, who like Lil Wayne popularized the Dirty South rap style before he moved on to life as a TV and film star, was quite clearly the man of this broken weekend. He filled the hall with hits, keeping a good portion of the crowd in the venue and surging toward the stage to see him, sending chairs sprawling. When Ludacris called for people to get out their cell phones and lighters, the darkened hall was filled with hundreds of pinpoints of white and blue lights. His professional and lively set was fast-paced and free of the pointless chatter that particularly corrupted T-Pain the night before. And, despite Lil Wayne's expert opinion, the sound system worked perfectly for Ludacris. He saved what could have been an ugly scene.

The early going on Sunday was a lot of Been There, Done That. The shouts from the stage of "Rochester, MAKE SOME NOISE!" Some guy introducing an act, but also remarking "We've already had one skirmish," so please refrain from giving hip-hop a bad name. And a handful of training-wheel rappers and divas with songs that all sound remarkably the same. The audience response? Eight-thousand people on sedatives. Occasional chants of "Weezy! Weezy! Weezy!" were a subtle hint that the crowd was growing weary of the preliminaries and wanted Lil "Weezy" Wayne.

As the night wore on, the crowd grew less subtle, and increasingly edgy. Where were the headliners? They must have sensed that something was truly amiss when a trio of rappers was jeered from the stage, right before the no-show was confirmed.

The Queens identical twins Nina Sky could do nothing to hold off this sentiment, despite some familiar refrains such as borrowing a chunk of the Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams Are Made of These" and a variation on the old school kiddies theme, "If you're sexy and you know it, clap your hands." Falling flat was Nina Sky's attempt to get the crowd to chant the bovine waste matter slang, a word that appears in the title of their upcoming single.

jaycee's post-commentary:

dissatisfied with the sound system??? after spending damn near 5 hours tweaking ey' little high hat and 808 kick, guitar strums, keyboard taps and what not????

i could say a buncha snarky shit but c'mon man...fuck outta here with that shit. that excuse does not fly with me at all...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jaycee's Tour Notes, installment 1: soundcheck gripes...

i can call myself a vet at this soundcheck thing since i've been doing this shit on the damn near daily for over 8 years now (and still counting), always on time and very professional and efficient. i never infringe on anyone else's time because in 20 minutes i can properly run a board, check mics (pause), my turntables and i'm straight.

one thing that I CANNOT FUCKING STAND, to the point of wanting to damn near go postal, is when other artists' production entourage purposely infringe on my time to do what i have to do so i can relax and do other shit.

case in point: today at the Blue Cross Arena in Rochester, NY.

on paper it says that Ludacris' sound check is from 1:00pm-1:30pm and Lil' Wang's soundcheck is from 3pm-5pm.

soundcheck gripe

okay cool, Lil' Wang is the headliner for tonight's show and with that i have no qualms. he has the highest selling hiphop album of the year thus far with singles in rotation everywhere you go. cool...

what i'm not cool with is when i arrive in a timely fashion (at 1pm) straight from the airport (without checking into my hotel first) for my soundcheck after getting up at the crack of ass in the morning and being on 2 planes to see that a) my equipment (1200's, Rane TTM57 mixer, etc) provided by the promoters is still packed up and not set up and b) Lil' Wang's people are doing their soundcheck during MY alloted time.

are you fucking kidding me???



the promoters tell me "we're running behind schedule because Wang's set got here late, yada yada yada, etc."

is that supposed to be MY personal concern?

FUCK NO it ain't!!!

i'm clearly pissed but to appease me they then tell me that "if you're back here at 4:30, everything'll be set up for you, you can go ahead and knock everything out and have time to relax before showtime."

aight bet.

so i come back at 4:30 and Wang's people are STILL doing soundcheck!!!

4:30pm, 4:45, 5:00, 5:20, 5:37 and it's now 5:45pm...

his folks are just now finishing soundcheck...

to sorta help you understand what the fuck is going on a little clearer, Wang is performing with a full BAND tonight. drummer, acoustic and bass guitar player, violinist, keyboard guy, etc etc...

for Auto Tune heavy hits like "Lollipop" "Got Money", "I Can't Believe It", etc???

insert "crickets" sound effect here.

then again, you kinda wanna applaud the guy for wanting to incorporate a more musical side so it'll have a different type of impact.


he can do all that shit during HIS alloted time, which says 3pm-5pm...

there's no better band in the world than The Roots and THEY don't do 4 hour soundchecks. even Kanye, who's a phenomenal live performer but who's also known to throw fits here and there if somethin ain't right, doesn't do 4 hour soundchecks.

fuck outta here...

the moral of the story here folks (and aspiring artists), is when sharing the same bill as Ludacris, do all your fine tuning during your own fucking soundcheck time instead of mine. cause if i have to be rushed into doing a 5 minute soundcheck because you took damn near 5 HOURS and doors are opening at 6pm, chances are i'm not gonna be a happy or respectful camper towards you.