Sunday, December 7, 2008

this had me DYING!!!!

2 weeks ago i was on the SNL set during the early dress rehearsals and this shit had me laughing so hard that my stomach hurt afterwards.

i'll never look at Dateline again without thinking of this beforehand...

Monday, December 1, 2008

Jaycee & 9th Wonder at DTLR in Charlotte, NC

sorry y'all, hadn't had too much time to blog because i've been SOOPER busy with doing a lotta Ludacris related promo stuff for the new album (Theater Of The Mind, in stores NOW), plus my daily radio stuff on V103 (The Lunch Box Mix) and other things.

this one's a doozy though.

a funny thing happened while at DTLR in Charlotte, NC yesterday. Ludacris has been doing a few in-store appearances for the apparel chain featuring me on the tables playing cuts from the album. the homie 9th Wonder just happened to be in attendance and near the end of the event, i began playing a couple segments from my Michael Jackson: The Soulful Years mixtape. he hadn't heard it before so the first thing i played was "With A Child's Heart", that Khrysis sampled for the song "Watch Me" on LB's "The Minstrel Show" album. instant headnodding ensued but all hell broke loose (in a good way, ha!) once i cued up "Dear Michael" and let that rock for a sec.

9th was previously in the middle of a convo with someone else on the other side of the store but abruptly ended that and made an instant beeline for the turntables, lol.


i'd elaborate a little more in detail but i have to head up to v103 to do my show, i promise to holla back at y'all in detail later on.

and oh yeah, credit must first & foremost be given to my man Tank (IKNOWTANK.COM) for capturing this with my camera. you know how other sites like to jack niggaz footage and pretend like they were there and they were nowhere in sight, lol...

thanks Tank, thanks 9th.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

a new "old" mixtape from me: "In Effect Mode" (recorded in May '07)

May of '07: i was fuckin around in the early part of a set i was doing on 4 turntables with the homie Kurupt at Red Fez in Austin, Texas and i went into some new jack swing for a little while. the shit came off better than i could've imagined so i decided to throw a few of my favorites together in the mix and VOILA!!!

other than posting it on myspace and in the comment sections of blogs i frequent like The Smoking Section, Okayplayer,, Nah Right and a few others, plus a few burned copies for immediate friends and associates, it hadn't really been heard too much until my homie Janee at gave it the spotlight last Friday in her Soulful blog. (thanks a million shawty!!!)


i decided to have P (the genius behind my "Lake Minnetonka" mixtape cover) work her magic again. i knew i wanted to play off of Al B. Sure's debut album but i couldn't dig up any old pics of me from when i was rockin' my curly box fade back in the day, lol...

aight, nuff yappin. here's the tracklisting. enjoy...

Troop "Spread My Wings"

LeVert "Casanova" (rip Gerald LeVert)

Bobby Brown "Don't Be Cruel"

The Boys "Dial My Heart"

Samuelle "So U Like What U See"

After 7 "Can't Stop"

En Vogue "Hold On"

Klymaxx "Good Love"

Lisa Stansfield "All Around The World" (45 King Remix)

Hi-Five "I Like (the kissing game)" (rip Tony Thompson)

Tevin Campbell "Round & Round"

Christopher Williams "I'm Dreamin"

BBD "Do Me!"

Today "Him Or Me"

Entouch "Too Hype"

Jane Child "Don't Wanna Fall In Love"

Johnny Gill "Rub You The Right Way" (remix f. CL Smooth)

Redhead Kingpin "Do The Right Thing"

Wreckx N Effect "Rump Shaker"

Big Daddy Kane "I Get The Job Done"

Teddy Riley feat. Guy "My Fantasy"

Bobby Brown "My Prerogative"

Babyface "It's No Crime"

Janet Jackson "Alright"

Another Bad Creation "Iesha"

MC Brains "Oochie Coochie"

BBD "Poison"

The Good Girls "Your Sweetness Is My Weakness"

Tony Toni Tone "Feels Good"

Monday, October 27, 2008

this just in!!! Lil' Wayne a no-show at Rochester concert...


i ain't even gotta say shit. i'ma let the OFFICIAL news release say ey'thing..

Lil Wayne, the self-proclaimed greatest living rapper, stiffed 8,000 of his fans on Sunday night. Apparently dissatisfied with the sound system, according to Blue Cross Arena officials, rap's biggest seller declined to perform.

What, does our town smell bad or something? Saturday night at the Blue Cross Arena, co-headliner Plies was also a no-show. At least T-Pain and Rick Ross came out for the 5,000 fans on that night. Otherwise, what was to be the biggest hip-hop weekend in Rochester by everyone's recollection is instead being remembered this morning as a rip-off.

Ludacris did his best to save Sunday night — he did a yeoman's job of cooling folks off, in fact — but hundreds of fans left after the announcement that Lil Wayne would not be performing, and that full refunds would be provided. Others merely sat in their seats and chanted barnyard slang for bovine waste matter.

Ludacris, who like Lil Wayne popularized the Dirty South rap style before he moved on to life as a TV and film star, was quite clearly the man of this broken weekend. He filled the hall with hits, keeping a good portion of the crowd in the venue and surging toward the stage to see him, sending chairs sprawling. When Ludacris called for people to get out their cell phones and lighters, the darkened hall was filled with hundreds of pinpoints of white and blue lights. His professional and lively set was fast-paced and free of the pointless chatter that particularly corrupted T-Pain the night before. And, despite Lil Wayne's expert opinion, the sound system worked perfectly for Ludacris. He saved what could have been an ugly scene.

The early going on Sunday was a lot of Been There, Done That. The shouts from the stage of "Rochester, MAKE SOME NOISE!" Some guy introducing an act, but also remarking "We've already had one skirmish," so please refrain from giving hip-hop a bad name. And a handful of training-wheel rappers and divas with songs that all sound remarkably the same. The audience response? Eight-thousand people on sedatives. Occasional chants of "Weezy! Weezy! Weezy!" were a subtle hint that the crowd was growing weary of the preliminaries and wanted Lil "Weezy" Wayne.

As the night wore on, the crowd grew less subtle, and increasingly edgy. Where were the headliners? They must have sensed that something was truly amiss when a trio of rappers was jeered from the stage, right before the no-show was confirmed.

The Queens identical twins Nina Sky could do nothing to hold off this sentiment, despite some familiar refrains such as borrowing a chunk of the Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams Are Made of These" and a variation on the old school kiddies theme, "If you're sexy and you know it, clap your hands." Falling flat was Nina Sky's attempt to get the crowd to chant the bovine waste matter slang, a word that appears in the title of their upcoming single.

jaycee's post-commentary:

dissatisfied with the sound system??? after spending damn near 5 hours tweaking ey' little high hat and 808 kick, guitar strums, keyboard taps and what not????

i could say a buncha snarky shit but c'mon man...fuck outta here with that shit. that excuse does not fly with me at all...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jaycee's Tour Notes, installment 1: soundcheck gripes...

i can call myself a vet at this soundcheck thing since i've been doing this shit on the damn near daily for over 8 years now (and still counting), always on time and very professional and efficient. i never infringe on anyone else's time because in 20 minutes i can properly run a board, check mics (pause), my turntables and i'm straight.

one thing that I CANNOT FUCKING STAND, to the point of wanting to damn near go postal, is when other artists' production entourage purposely infringe on my time to do what i have to do so i can relax and do other shit.

case in point: today at the Blue Cross Arena in Rochester, NY.

on paper it says that Ludacris' sound check is from 1:00pm-1:30pm and Lil' Wang's soundcheck is from 3pm-5pm.

soundcheck gripe

okay cool, Lil' Wang is the headliner for tonight's show and with that i have no qualms. he has the highest selling hiphop album of the year thus far with singles in rotation everywhere you go. cool...

what i'm not cool with is when i arrive in a timely fashion (at 1pm) straight from the airport (without checking into my hotel first) for my soundcheck after getting up at the crack of ass in the morning and being on 2 planes to see that a) my equipment (1200's, Rane TTM57 mixer, etc) provided by the promoters is still packed up and not set up and b) Lil' Wang's people are doing their soundcheck during MY alloted time.

are you fucking kidding me???



the promoters tell me "we're running behind schedule because Wang's set got here late, yada yada yada, etc."

is that supposed to be MY personal concern?

FUCK NO it ain't!!!

i'm clearly pissed but to appease me they then tell me that "if you're back here at 4:30, everything'll be set up for you, you can go ahead and knock everything out and have time to relax before showtime."

aight bet.

so i come back at 4:30 and Wang's people are STILL doing soundcheck!!!

4:30pm, 4:45, 5:00, 5:20, 5:37 and it's now 5:45pm...

his folks are just now finishing soundcheck...

to sorta help you understand what the fuck is going on a little clearer, Wang is performing with a full BAND tonight. drummer, acoustic and bass guitar player, violinist, keyboard guy, etc etc...

for Auto Tune heavy hits like "Lollipop" "Got Money", "I Can't Believe It", etc???

insert "crickets" sound effect here.

then again, you kinda wanna applaud the guy for wanting to incorporate a more musical side so it'll have a different type of impact.


he can do all that shit during HIS alloted time, which says 3pm-5pm...

there's no better band in the world than The Roots and THEY don't do 4 hour soundchecks. even Kanye, who's a phenomenal live performer but who's also known to throw fits here and there if somethin ain't right, doesn't do 4 hour soundchecks.

fuck outta here...

the moral of the story here folks (and aspiring artists), is when sharing the same bill as Ludacris, do all your fine tuning during your own fucking soundcheck time instead of mine. cause if i have to be rushed into doing a 5 minute soundcheck because you took damn near 5 HOURS and doors are opening at 6pm, chances are i'm not gonna be a happy or respectful camper towards you.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

what's in the pussy now, steroids???

figured that would catch your immediate attention.

seriously though...

the fuck is up with all these emotionally unstable puss ass negros this week?

first we got Lyfe Jennings runnin up in folks cribs lookin for baby moms and firing shots (with no hits of course, go figure)...

then there's the more egregious case of ol' boy (William Balfour) who shot and killed Jennifer Hudson's mother and brother, plus kidnapped her 7-year old nephew. details...

A suspect is in police custody following the Friday murders of singer Jennifer Hudson’s mother and bother according to the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune.

Police took Hudson’s brother-in-law, William Balfour into custody in connection with the shooting. The 27-year-old was out on parole after serving time for several violent crimes, including attempted murder and carjacking, according to an MTV report.

Balfour had been on parole in 2006 and would have completed parole next year.

Chicago authorities consider the double homicide a case of domestic violence. Balfour was involved with Hudson’s sister Julia, who identified Balfour as her husband on a MySpace page. Balfour also lived at the residence where the shooting took place.

Hudson’s nephew, Julian King, 7, was declared missing after police investigated the scene. An Amber Alert has been issued. King is 4 feet 11 inches tall, is 130 pounds and has brown eyes and black hair.

Despite Balfour’s apprehension, King is still considered missing.

Hudson, who flew to Chicago from Tampa, Florida after receiving the news, has not commented on the murders as of press time.

so again i ask...

what's the secret ingredient in the pussy these days that's making these muhfuckas act so stupid?

nevermind, i don't really wanna know.

i just have to make sure i'm getting the original version and not the remix, lol...


posts and other shit that somehow vanishes in the night...

anybody else have posts that somehow magically disappear into thin air?

i'm asking because yesterday afternoon before leaving NYC i posted the latest Ludacris leak "Last Of A Dying Breed" feat. Lil' Wang i mean Wayne with added scratches by me and by the time i made it to Philly a couple hours later the post was gone.

it can't be that the post was vulgar or anything because i didn't curse and there were no pics of asses galore to accompany it. the song was also all over the internet yesterday as well so it's not like i had material that wasn't supposed to be heard.


this is the second time this shit has happened. the first time was a couple weeks back, when i posted my mix from the first "Beatmaster Radio" show in Minneapolis. it was up for a couple days and then poof!!! wasn't really trippin at first cause i thought it was some fluke shit but now that it's happened again i have to wonder about foul play...

or maybe it's God's way of telling me to hold back on posting it until the right time. i say that because about a month and a half ago i was on a serious mixtape binge (4 in one week!!! never again, lol). i'd just finished what was going to be Eargasms 8. i'd taken a quick Papa John's and Sprite break before preparing to master it and then once i was ready to start the final process, the entire mix had just disappeared. for 3 days i was PISSED about it cause i had some really good blends that i'd conjured up but then i got over it because more dope albums started coming out like Foreign Exchange, Termanology, DJ Revolution, etc so now i feel like i have more music to work with...

and regarding Eargasms 8, the plan was to drop it a couple weeks ago but my radio taping schedule became super hectic once i learned that i'd be living out of a suitcase for the next month so obligations to V103 and b96 became the immediate priority. plus i'm waiting on P to contribute her artistry ( more mixes without cover art) so it looks like i'm gonna end up doing it from my hotel rooms and on a tour bus, which should be an interesting experiment since i normally do my mixes at the crib.


next tour stop, Raleigh for a performance at NCCU's Homecoming tonight, then Rochester NY on Sunday for a show with Lil' Wang i mean Wayne.

next post: video and pics from the 2008 Power House concert in Philly headlined by Jay-Z (with DJ AM on the wheels) featuring Ludacris, T.I., Keyshia Cole, Ne-Yo, and T-Pain. i managed to get some cool performance footage before Jigga's security started trippin...


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

i mean really, can we let this term die already?

yea i know i know. i'm hella late in voicing my opinion on this shit but enough is fucking enough.

i respected the "for us by us" plug in the middle of the Gap commercial back in '98 but this shit RIGHT HERE?

this shit RIGHT HERE???

come on KNOW better. (although the dude who plays "you" in the commercial is dumb funny with that bitch ass yelp, lol)

then again, who am i kidding? i'd probably have taken that check too..

but seriously though, enough of the "swag" talk. it's very ingratiating on my ears.

i'm gonna quote the homie Senor Kaos: "swagger is NOTHING, talent is EVERYTHING!!!" look out for his mixtape of the same title coming very shortly...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

reminder: don't forget to check me out 2night (8-9pm CST at

and in case you can't make it to a radio or what have you, here ya go...

set one
John Legend "Green Light"
OutKast "Bombs Over Baghdad"
Abdel Halim Hafez "Khosara"
Jay-Z feat. UGK "Big Pimpin"
Jaycee "My Theme Music"
Jaycee "What You Know About A Millie" (jaycee blend)
T.I. "24's"
Lil' Wayne "Go DJ"
Lil' Jon feat. Ludacris "Bia Bia"
Makaveli "Hail Mary"

set two
The Clash "Straight To Hell"
M.I.A. "Paper Planes"
T.I. "Swagger Like Us"
Yung Joc "It's Goin' Down"
Beyonce "Get Me Bodied" (jaycee blend)
Juvenile "Back That Thang Up"
Snoop Dogg "Drop It Like It's Hot"
LL Cool J "Baby"

yeah i know i know what some of you are already saying to yourselves...

their current mixshow playlist leaves a lot to be desired at the moment but i'm doing my best to inject a different feel and break up the monotony by adding a few recurrents and what not. slowly but surely i'm gonna get the whole station up to speed, y'all know how i do hahahaha...


set one

set two


Friday, October 17, 2008

i'm at MJQ tonight...

tonight once i get back from Miami i'll be doing a set alongside The Brothers Funk (Brett Eclectic & Cozy Shawn) in the Lounge. this'll be pretty cool because it's a departure from the straight hiphop sets that i normally spin in the main room when i'm there. i'll be playing a lil' bit of everything that i grew up on so expect to hear a wide variety of fly shit. if you dig/dug the "Mizell Edition" joint i did, then this is for you. if you dig/dug the "Sample Clearance" joint i did with Don Cannon and Gene Brown, then this is for you. if you dig/dug any of the "Eargasms" joints, then this is for you. if you dig/dug the "Lake Minnetonka Suite, then this is for you. if you tune into me everyday at noon on, then this is for you. basically, if you've been rockin' with me for a while or if you're a newbie to the musical world of Jaycee then you need to have your ass inside the Lounge of MJQ tonight!

bring me some Jagerbombs, lol...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

i can't laugh, but that doesn't mean y'all can't...

the reason why i say i can't laugh is because i know what that shit feels like firsthand. those of you who know me very well have heard my Spring Break '07 story, those who don't, well let's just say that i fell in a very public place. what kept it from being a real spectacle and the difference between my fall and hers was the fact that i have almost cat like reflexes and i bounced my ass right back up almost as quickly as i hit the ground in an effort to play it off hahaha...

as a permanent reminder there's a really deep gash in my left leg with a really ugly scar that didn't heal well at all.

fuck it, everybody falls a few times in their life and in my opinion i think that what really makes this funny is the Donnie McClurkin that's played while she's on the ground. pay close attention.


Miami here i come...

Eminem/Jordan collabo number 2...

and guess what??? ya boy wants AND WILL get a pair (never question my determination to get my hands and feet into something that i WANT!)

here are details straight jacked from

For the launch of Eminem's new book The Way I Am, we have again teamed up with Nike's Jordan Brand for a collaboration on another classic Jordan silhouette. Above is a spy pic of "The Way I Am" Air Jordan 2. This is a one-off, super limited edition sneaker.
This shoe marks the second collaboration with Eminem and Jordan Brand, the first being the Air Jordan 4 “Blueberry” that was a promo and contest winner only shoe released in conjunction with Eminem's album Encore. The Jordan 2 is Marshall's favorite Air Jordan sneaker, so he was super excited to get to be able to do another collaboration with his favorite sneaker brand.
The shoe, as seen above, will be produced in a different colorway than the original AJ2 and includes handwritten lyrics from Eminem's songs on the shoe detail (see the ankle collar and toe trim). The collaboration also includes a limited-edition "The Way I Am" Jordan T-shirt.
There will be only 313 pairs available for purchase at the official Jordan Brand “Flight Club”: To receive an invitation code text "Flight Club" to 23623.
Proceeds from the shoe will go towards Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers Foundation, an organization primarily dedicated to helping disadvantaged youth in the state of Michigan.
At present time, the retail price of this collaboration is yet to be determined.
Eminem's "The Way I Am" book is available from Penguin/Dutton on Tuesday, October 21st.

sidenote: gotta love how only 313 pairs will be available for purchase.



Wednesday, October 8, 2008

another station added to the rotation: Minneapolis' B96...

another station to the rotation...

Twin Cities it's ON!!! yessurr...

shouts to the homie Hot Rod, Anjali and the rest of the Beatmasters for welcoming a brotha onboard.
you catch me doing my thing on either Friday or Saturday nights (i'll keep you posted with specifics) gettin you ready for the club by giving the Jaycee treatment to all your favorite current joints as well as some newer shit...

for those who don't live in Minneapolis/St. Paul you can listen to the live stream at

and if you didn't already know, is the spot to catch me every weekday at noon for "The Lunch Box Mix" with Porsche Foxx...

Eargasms 8, coming next week i promise. been kinda swamped with travel and getting back in the radio swing of things so just bear with me. it'll be well worth the wait i promise...


sidenote: kinda crazy that i just did the heavy Minneapolis themed "Lake Minnetonka" mix a few weeks back and now i'm spinning on a Minneapolis radio station. funny how the universe works...

i fucking love it!!!

the TRUE definition of timeless...

the cover









Sunday, October 5, 2008

the Jaycee collection (thus far...)

here are just about all the mixes that i've done this year (the Eargasms series) and a few other classics like the Premier joint, MJ, Kick Rocks, De La, and the Lake Minnetonka Suite. thanks to Gotty over at TSS (MAJOR!!!) for providing the links. if you don't have a Rapidshare account i strongly suggest that you acquire one for it'll be amongst the best 10 buck purchases you've ever made in your life. trust me on that shit. now without any further ado, get to copyin' and pastin'...


Bonus Jaycee Shots

Timeless Material: The Lake Minnetonka Suite, Vol. 1

The Smoking Section Presents From The Soul: The Music & Influence Of De La (Mixed By DJ Jaycee Of The Aphilliates)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

nothin' like a little VAI to start the day, lol...

oh my jeebus!!!

this reminds me of my Brazil experience back in '04. i was at a club called Help (shoulda been called Help Yourself, lol) in Rio and that was pretty much the scenery all over. imagine being at a spot where the women outnumber the men AT LEAST 12 to 1 and ALL with bodies like in the above vid...



Friday, September 26, 2008

more funny shit...

i love it when people try and put their own personal spin on the classics. check this one out...

"Omazing Grace" (no i don't need spell check, lol)

that nigga was using some hellafied improv skills. wow...

moving on to another display of improvisation. a 9 year old boy was called upon to do a solo in church. here's what he did instead...

i'm hoping that he was doing that shit on purpose...

Cuba Gooding Sr. Cooba! lol...

most of u know probably only know him as Cuba Gooding Jr's father and that's cool. most music heads know him as the lead singer of The Main Ingredient, responsible for classic joints like "Summer Breeze", "Happiness Is Just Round The Bend" and "Let Me Prove My Love To You" (otherwise known as the joint Alicia Keys sang over for "You Don't Know My Name").


he tried his hand at the National Anthem. wanna hear it? here it go...

more funny vids coming soon, gotta head to soundcheck at London's Royal Albert Hall real quick...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

did this guy NOT study the ropes of stylin' on someone?


although it was a true sucka move, dude got walloped!!!

what makes it so ill is the sound effects, the 3 time playback plus a jawn in supa slo-mo for good measure, lol...

now let's go back to the vid that was the talk of the internet a couple years back...

the term "stylin' on you" got so big, that even ?uestlove jumped on it for a sec...


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

it's official now...

i'm back in the building...

i'm back on the radio and you can hear me doing "The Lunch Box Mix" everyday during the week at noon on Porsche Foxx's show.

musically, the flavor will be me doing WHATEVER I FEEL LIKE with the classics (70's 80's 90's) and then some. yeah i said it, WHATEVER I FEEL LIKE, NO PLAYLISTS, NO RESTRICTIONS. my PD and Porsche have already personally told me that i CAN DO MY THING and since i already have history in commercial radio before (specifically V103), i already know how the game goes so yeah...

this is about to be a lotta fun because for the last few years i've always wanted the opportunity to get back on the radio and rock for millions on a daily basis but the opportunity never made itself available, until now. so big shouts to DJ Herb (an influence and one of my faves) for putting everything in motion, Reggie, Porsche, Greg Street, my fellow Aphilliate DJ Infamous, DJ Jelly, Ryan Cameron, Elle Duncan and the rest of the V103 fam...

for those of u without radios or stereos (ha!) u can listen to the live stream online at and i'll be on the official station website as well within the next few days...

Monday, September 22, 2008

i made the purge...

no need to say too much regarding the musical content so um, yeah...

shouts to P for the ill cover (hold me dowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn Peeeeeeeeee!!!!!), the homies Rage and Shecky for the inspiration and assistance, the absolutely legendary Electrifying Mojo (great talking with u brotha!!!), and all the folk who created the timeless music that made this mix possible.

more links and insight into this collection will be forthcoming but at this moment, i'm preparing to board a plane so just bear with me.

in the meantime enjoy...

Timeless Material "The Lake Minnetonka Suite, Vol. 1" (zshare link)

Friday, September 19, 2008

i want my chain back!!!

this shit is absolutely hilarious. shouts to the folk at for providing humorous parodies of hip-hop related blunders over the last year or so...

side note: i need that Mannie, Juvie, & Weezy tee shirt though. that shit is type illy...

Monday, September 15, 2008

this jawn was a crate STAPLE for years (thanx M3!!)

if you were a DJ rocking at any credible venues in the city of Atlanta (or beyond) where authentic hiphop was being spun between the years of '93 and '99, then this joint should be or should have been a staple in your crate.

if you were clever and REALLY knew your shit, then with double copies of it you could cleverly flip both sides (the Before Midnight mix and the After Midnight mix) and keep niggas flippin' their wigs for a good while.

i credit M3 for being the FIRST person i ever heard play this joint back in the day while doing a Sunday night set on 88.5's "Rhythm & Vibes". he KILLED it...

i came across doubles of it a few days later and the rest is party break history. M3 successfully kicked open the door on the "party break" spinning craze here in the A, i kicked that muthafucka DOWN!!!

the Before Midnight mix is what i'm giving you here, you'll have to find the After Midnight mix and the bonus beats on your own shawty...

Funkmaster Flex "Dope On Plastic" (Before Midnight Mix) zshare link

Funkmaster Flex "Dope On Plastic" (Before Midnight Mix) rapidshare link

thank me later...

La Di Da Di: for all you mp3J's out there who don't know any better (thank me later, lol)...

yeah i call u mp3J's because u download a buncha classic hiphop shit off the net without actually LISTENING to it before attempting to play out somewhere.

nothing wrong with downloading (shit i do it myself from time to time, i'm not CRAZY) but c'mon people, get your LISTENING skills back up. i can't (and won't) respect you as a DJ (females too, y'all aren't exempt from criticism) if u don't even know the songs that you play.

I'm ranting because i had the misfortune of going out a few nights ago and hearing a muhfucka play "La Di Da Di" without him even noticing that parts of that song that help make it the TIMELESS CLASSIC that it'll always be were edited out. the crowd even looked at him like "nigga what the fuck???"

so i've decided to do you guys a favor and uh, help you out per se.

Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew "La Di Da Di" (the REAL unedited version) zshare link

Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew "La Di Da Di" (the REAL unedited version) rapidshare link

now take a listen to that, and then compare it to your mp3. see what's missing in your version???

i didn't bother cleaning the record beforehand, i intentionally left all the crackle and pop in there for the authenticity cause some of y'all don't know what that's like, lol...

and yeah, (to be totally "High Fidelity" retentive) that pic is MY copy of the record and i'm proud to say that i've had that joint for 23 years. i remember exactly where i bought it from and all that (Record Bar in the fall of '85). call me an "old head" all u want, but i know my music.

again, thank me later...

and to again put y'all up on game, "High Fidelity", the movie starring John Cusack and Jack Black about the owner of a record shop with snobbish record store clerks is a MUST SEE.

trust me....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

clutch your purse around me again, i DARE YOU!!!

hilarious and oh so perfect because it happens ALL the time. i wanted to blog about my experience with this shit about a year back but after seeing this vid, there's no real need to.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

where was I when disaster struck on 9/11/01?


i had literally just moved into my new crib out in Marietta a couple days earlier so there were unpacked boxes with tons of sneakers, equipment, and records PLUS my girl's stuff (yeah i had one at the time) all over the place. she had already left in the morning for work at Piedmont Hospital and i was packing for a trip to NYC (yep) because Ludacris was scheduled to tape an appearance on 106 & Park that day. my tv at the time wasn't "cable ready" and Comcast hadn't made it out yet so i had NO IDEA of what was going on. Ludacris was already in NYC because he was at the Michael Jackson Tribute that N'Sync put on plus it was his birthday (yes his birthday is September 11th so he'll ALWAYS remember this tragic day)

i remember that my flight was supposed to be at 10something and usually there'd be a driver parked out front ready to drive me to the airport well in advance of flight time but i kept going outside and wondering "where in the hell is the driver? i can't miss my flight!!!"

so i make the call to Books (Luda's former road manager) like "did u give the driver my new address? he's not outside, i'm trying not to miss the flight. where u at?"

he's like "nigga turn on the tv, ain't no muthafuckin flights goin NOWHERE today and probably for the rest of the week. some terrorists have flown into the World Trade Center, plus the Pentagon in DC and somewhere else in Pennsylvania so travel is a wrap."

because i couldn't watch tv i didn't really grasp how serious the situation was. i remember when the World Trade Center was originally bombed back in '93 and although it made a splash for a sec, it turned out to be NOTHING compared to this. no disrespect intended to the families of those who lost their lives in '93, but this turned out to be an entirely different kind of animal.

first i took a slight breather knowing that i had no immediate family in New York City so i turned on the radio and i listened to Denise Dunbar (v103) confirm everything Books said and then some.

knowing Ludacris & Chaka were already in NYC i tried hitting them up but all the Skytel 2way communication lines were fucked up in that vicinity for a while but it turned out that they were safe and in a car driving back to Atlanta.

Comcast came the next day and then i got to see all the carnage myself over and over for hours on end.

absolutely disgusting...

3 Pictures, Images and Photos1 Pictures, Images and Photos2 Pictures, Images and Photos5 Pictures, Images and Photos6 Pictures, Images and Photos4 Pictures, Images and Photos

couldn't believe my eyes. disbelief quickly turned into anger but there wasn't really shit i could do about it.

i won't lie, once the terrorists had been identified, anyone who looked foreign or Arabic to me got the extreme side-eye, ESPECIALLY once travel resumed a few days later at the airports with all the extra security precautions being put in place. damn that shit was hella aggravating before i got used to it. i remember when your family/girl/chick/sidepiece/jumpoff/whatever could meet you at the gate upon landing in the city, NOT NO MO! i remember being able to have more than one carry on bag, NOT NO MO!!! all types of extra shit like drinks and etc, NOT NO MO!!!

thank Osama and all his other terrorist brethren for that...

thank God shit is a lot safer now, or at least it feels that way.

Lord forbid something else happens....

"crossing my fingers that it doesn't"


Sunday, September 7, 2008


they may look rather simple compared to a lotta other sneaks that are out now, but if you lived in Detroit between the years of '83 and '87, you KNOW that these Original Concord Hi joints right here (in whatever colorway, but especially the patent leather joints) were pretty much the cherry on top of whatever fly outfit you planned on wearing around the city.

of course one of the downsides of trying to be fly was that you also had to worry about possibly getting rushed (also known as getting jacked or getting "Yung Berg'd") for your shit as well. to this day one of the most vicious beatings i've ever seen a muhfucka get in public happened outside of Henry Ford HS when a dude who had been cockily rocking his patent leather cherry red Forums all day during school got fucked de fuck up once school let out by 4 short Bobby Valentino lookin niggas. not only did they relieve him of the sneaks but they took his Cincinnati Reds Starter jacket as well...

and it was cold and rainy that day. go head and ask yourself the key question y'all....

"how da fuck do we posed ta keep peace?"


anyway, i want dem damn sneakers....

post edit: I GOT EM!!! i took a lil' trip to Wish in L5P and lo and behold, there they were. immediate purchase!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

some of my favorite DJ's, part 1: DJ Revolution

this is gonna be a series dedicated to some of the DJ's that influenced me to be the DJ that i currently am. some you may have heard of and some you may not have but trust me when i say that these guys can pretty much do no wrong in my eyes. originally i was gonna kick this post off with Jazzy Jeff, but i came across Rev doing an interview on that was pretty compelling, so i just had to feature it. kinda lengthy, but well worth the read.

DJ Revolution Talks Production, Celebrity DJ’s, Technology


A little while back I had the chance to hold a conversation with DJ Revolution while traveling from a video shoot for his upcoming release King of The Decks. For those needing somewhat of a background history, Revolution is a DJ’s DJ, known for holding down turntables duties on The World Famous Wake Up Show with Sway & King Tech and combining turntablist class skills with the party rocking capabilities of a nightclub specialist.

Rev took a moment to discuss how he initially began DJ’ing, shifting roles of DJ’s, and the importance of authenticity. Besides touching on vinyl collecting, musicianship, production, and the increased role of technology; he even brought up such old school ideas as responsibility, community, and investing in next generation of artists.

How long ago and how did you start DJ’ing?
I started DJ’ing really young. I was probably twelve years old and I just always had a knack for pushing buttons and making things work. I liked music, but I didn’t really like music as much as I liked pressing buttons and being cool. The guy that was playing the music happened to be pressing buttons and making it look like he was doing something really cool and everybody seemed to really like it.

So my grandfather dragged a bunch of his dusty old equipment out of the attic, taught me how to set it up and then he built me a mixer from scratch out of scrap metal in his workshop.

Are you serious?
Yeah, yeah, it had no faders, only 3 knobs… line 1, line2, and master. He taught me how to use it and from that point on I was spending my allowance on 45’s, albums, and making custom mixtapes for all my 6th grade classmates. I was digging for records and exploring music. I was into pop music though… it was Pop, Top 40, and Rock. I hadn’t really discovered hip-hop because where I was living it hadn’t really hit. When I discovered it, I got interested and that led me further down the line on the path. As I was exploring it I really found out what hip-hop DJ’ing was and that changed my whole life.

What do you think the ultimate role of the DJ is and how has it changed?
Well, the roles haven’t changed, it’s the people portraying these roles that have changed. It started with Flash really taking it, then it was Jam Master Jay, DJ scratch, Aladdin, Cash Money, and Jazzy Jeff, and they blew it up really big. They turned into legends and changed the way people looked at it and portrayed it. Now its kind of devolved into people who don’t know how to play and don’t know how to DJ being DJ’s.

So in other words, what happens if you get the NBA and they start drafting mutherfuckers who don’t know how to play ball at all? You put a bunch of dudes on the court and they can’t even dribble . So it’s like that’s really to me what it’s turned into. It’s turned into something else and kind of separated itself from hip-hop as far as the way it used to be connected.

It used to be Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. Public Enemy had Terminator X and they were all well known like hip-hop household names. DJ’s were famous as being DJ’s… nothing else, they weren’t celebrities. So many famous groups that came out had DJ’s, it just worked. It was a solid, cohesive effort between and MC and DJ.

It’s not like that anymore, it’s separated. When the MC’s decided to cast off the DJ, the DJ had no other choice, but to make a living so he started hustling and doing other things… selling mixtapes, trying to get on the radio, and then that led to taking payola and becoming a celebrity. So they had no other choice.

Then it broke off into subcultures… you’ve got your turntablists and you developed superstars in that category like Q-bert, The X-Men, Babu, The Beatjunkies, and myself. Then on the other side you’ve got your Clues, and the Whoo Kids, and the people who aren’t’ really doing shit, but are claiming to do shit. Not that I don’t have any respect for these guys, I can always respect somebody’s hustle, but that’s all they really are is hustlers.

However you can make your money is all good, but you’re not what you claim you are, you’re just a hustler. That’s cool because hustlers are a dime a dozen, but DJ’s, real DJ’s are not a dime a dozen. I think that the roles have been the same, it’s just the people playing them are different now and they’re playing them in different ways. Some of them are misrepresenting what those roles are.

It seems like producing has always gone hand in hand with the DJ. Do you see that as a natural progression of where DJ’s have always been headed?
Yeah, because once you get to a certain point and you develop your ears, you reach that level of “Hey, I know what people want to hear.” Once you’ve mastered that aspect of it, you really know what people want to hear and how they want to have it served up to them.

If you don’t produce, that means to me that you’re still at a certain stage unless that’s all you really wanna do is be a DJ. I feel like the best producers have always been DJ’s beforehand.

When did you start making the shift to producing? What led you to producing and what was your first piece of equipment that really made you make the move?
Well, see there’s a difference… when I was learning I was just beatmaking, producing is something completely different. I was making beats a long, long time ago on really primitive equipment. All the same equipment that everyone else probably used like the 909, 808, then I moved on to samplers, other drum machines, and experimented with everything. Then the MPC came out and that changed the way everybody was making beats. We blew our money on all kinds of samplers trying to see which ones were the best. Eventually I settled on the MPC and when I got that down and I really started mastering that, then I got into producing.

Producing is when you get into the studio with an artist and you make your record. You don’t have the artist make his record because a lot of the time the artists just wants to get in there and rap. That’s great, raw talent is incredible, but as a producer you have to know how to shape, you have to know how to say “ No, you have to do that line over again” or “Maybe end your verse this way”. You work hand in hand with the artist to create a piece of art as opposed to beatmaking where you just send somebody a beat and do what they wanna do and then wow, somebody puts out a record.

So, when I first started producing, that was probably around 2000 when I was working on my first album and I really got into the studio hard with a lot of these artists.

What are you using now? Are you still using the MPC?
No, I’m all computer… I use Logic Pro. I sold my MP like… six years ago and my sound is so much bigger and better than it was then. You’ll hear the new album and how big the sound can get, how rich you make it, and how much you’re actually able to do. I take full advantage of everything today’s technology has to offer and I try to display that on this new record.

It’s funny, I was going to ask how you felt about people using technology for production.
However you can make you shit sound incredible, that’s what you need to be doing… that’s an artist. If you stripped Pete Rock of everything he had except his SP1200, the dude would still be making ridiculous beats because it’s Pete Rock. As long as that core remains the same then it doesn’t matter. It’s not the tools of the mechanic, it’s the fucking mechanic. Of course you need to have some tools, but really it’s all about the skills behind it. So, I’m for people taking advantage of whatever instrument that they choose as long as what they’re making sounds great.

The same thing goes with DJ’ing too. I was so far ahead of the curve with this digital DJ shit it was ridiculous. There were people that were on it before me and that’s crazy, that’s cutting edge. Again, that’s what a DJ is supposed to do. The DJ knows what music is hot first and he tells everybody. He knows what clothes are hot first, he knows what movies, he’s a student of culture and he’s supposed to be the filter that tells the rest of the people what’s good and what’s bad.

Again, it goes back to the role of the DJ and a lot of these dudes are not portraying their role. They’re not caring about what’s good and what’s bad anymore, they’re just caring about the latest trends so they’re serving up the same wack shit everyone else is.

It’s a shame… there’s a lot of laziness involved.
Lazy is a great word I’ve been using to describe a lot of what is going on right now… laziness. Complacency, basically people are just getting really comfortable with their positions because they’re making a lot of dough and they say I don’t need to tell everybody what’s good or bad anymore because I’m making this money.

You’ve got to put back. All these dudes are taking from the hip-hop and making withdrawals from the bank. They learned their skills from the hip-hop DJ, they learned their walk and talk from hip-hop, and then when they get to a point where they can make moves on their own, all they’re doing is still taking from that bank and not giving anything back.

DJ’s are making millions and not signing any artists. People like Clue were putting back into the community. He signed artists and made contributions to hip-hop. Not these celebrity DJ’s… these dudes are making more money than some of the record labels are making and they’re not signing anybody.

Where do you think it’s headed? What needs to be done at this point?
There’s nothing that can be done. Everybody just needs to pick their lane and stay in it… let these cats burn out. Every other trend has always burned out. It’s gonna come and go just like I’ve seen so many other trends come and go and I’ve been doing the same thing. That’s why a lot of these cats have got a lot of salt for me, they’ve got a lot of hate for me because I do exactly what I wanna do. I don’t make any concession for anyone and guess what… I’m still around and I’m still making a good living. I’m still respected world wide, I’m still renowned for my skills, I’m still known for being a stand up dude that stands up for what I feel is right. I stand up for my music and I stand up for people that are doing real music.

These dudes are paper thin… celebrity DJ’s. They do the Vegas style club circuit, and that’s cool because they’re getting paid, but no one is going to remember you. You’re playing for a bunch of drunk zombies. No one is going to remember you. They’re going to remember you as the DJ that night that they got fucking wasted. They remember me and people like me because we do art when we go in there. We do work… real work. We put it down and we play great music for great people that come to have a good time and enjoy good music.

I’m not trying to say that what I do is right and what they’re doing is wrong… I’m speaking the facts. I don’t remember any of these performances from any of these dudes, it’s very rare. There are only a few of them that are even worth half the money that they’re making and they know it too… they’re laughing! Every single day that they wake up they’re laughing all the way to the bank. They’re laughing because they know that they’re just getting lucky.

Who do you look to for inspiration? What gets you motivated to make a record or spin?
I love hearing good artists. I always get inspired from all kinds of music. I could be listening to an old obscure library record from the 70’s and then get inspired to replay that whole sample, sample it and chop it up, or whatever and put it on a break beat, a mix that I’m doing. I get inspired by music in general. I might get inspired by the MC just crushing it on the mic freestyling. He’ll come up to the show and I’ll be like “Damn that was incredible… let’s make a record.” I’ll hear a great piece of music like a great record on the radio, something that I’ve never heard before.

I get inspired when I hear new styles, new forms, and people taking it to new heights because there are still people doing that and I think they deserve what they get. You deserve your success if you’re doing that. I get inspired by so many different people all the time. Almost daily I get inspired. Sometimes I can’t get inspired and I have to inspire myself. That’s the hardest part, but that’s part of the game. You’re not gonna hear good shit all the time.

One thing I’m loving right now is there are more producer albums coming out… it seems like the age of the producer is coming back.
Yeah, that’s really good because producers need to be making those records. They need to make their records. Let’ just take DJ Khaled for an example. The dude doesn’t produce and he doesn’t DJ, but he’s on the radio and TV acting like a producer and a DJ, but he’s not…. he’s just an A&R. He pays people money to make a record and puts his name on it. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, but you’re just an A&R, you’re just a guy who put a project together. Everyone perceives him as this guy that just puts records together.

You mentioned library records… how deep is your vinyl collection and how long have you been digging?
It’s pretty deep, not as deep as some that I know. Obviously some producers have had 10 years on me, but I still dig. I would say that I probably have about 15,000 records. I collect all kinds of records from children’s to spoken word, library, funk, soul, R&B, a little bit of jazz… I love it all.

Did you any advice for up and coming producers looking to make the move from being beatmakers to production and refining their craft?
If you’re trying to make that move from being a beatmaker to a producer, you’ve got to learn a little bit about the business and how it all operates. You can’t just be a producer, you’ve got to learn how to interact with artists and you have to surround yourself with artists. You’ve got to be in the studio, know how to talk to them, know how they work, and know what they need in order to make your record. There’s a little bit of finesse in there. You have to let them be them, but you have to put your foot down in the studio and say, “ This is the way I want it.” That makes all the difference… stand your ground in the studio no matter who that artist is.

Are there any new equipment releases coming out soon that you’re excite about?
Not really equipment, I’m just excited about the new technology that comes out like all those new virtual synth plug-ins, how incredible they make sounds, and how well they’re able to capture analog sounds in digital platforms. So that I can load up an old Moog in my computer and it sounds like an old Moog. You’re not going to be able to have the exact replica because all those analog circuits and tubes, but if you know how to tweak it sounds pretty damn close.

I’m excited about stuff like that, how it’s gonna happen in the future, and also the possibilities that are popping up inside software platforms… that kind of stuff. That’s what I get excited about, because I’ve been on the digital DJ shit for so long. I was so ahead of the curve that I dumped Serato for Torq just when everybody was getting on Serato.

Yeah, I’ve been on Torq for 2 ½ years. And I was on Serato for 3 ½ years before anyone else aside from 5 or 6 people in the country were on it. I couldn’t even buy it in the store when I got it. I had to special order it from Rane and I paid full price for it.

Yeah, there was no sponsorship. I didn’t know who the company was, I didn’t know Rane manufactured it, I just walked into the store and said I want Serato. They said we don’t even have a demo here for you to try. They got one and the next week I went in and I beat it up and I tweaked it. They didn’t know how to use it, no one knew shit about it. I went in there and beat it up for an hour and then I bought it.

That’s crazy…
Yeah, this was just something that I had to do. This was just knowing when to step out, this becomes part of being a DJ and part of me also. I’m not afraid to take risks, take chances, and totally step out on the edge where no one else has gone before. You can love it or hate it. You can say that I’m cool for doing that or I’m crazy… it doesn’t matter. I’m looking way better than anyone else when I’m coming in there with Serato and you’re still rocking vinyl. I’m just smashing your set to bits.

So now, when you come in with Serato, I don’t give a fuck if you’re the best DJ on the face of the planet, you have no chance if I come in after you on Torq. You have no chance… I will rip.

So today Antares announced the new version of auto-tune… any feelings?
A new version… what the hell does there need to be a new version for?

Yeah, today they just announced Auto-Tune EVO which is supposed to have some enhanced features…
To me that whole thing just got blown way out of proportion… it is what it is. Somebody found a new toy. It was cool when everybody was using it to sing with for a little while, but now people are rapping with it and it just sounds crazy.

It’s a great tool if you’re really a singer and you happen to just have one little run where the note is off key and you can fix it. People were using that way before people started rapping with it. That was a major studio tool for R&B singers and pop singers. It’s just a tool taken advantage of, they just took it and flipped it into a different style.

To be honest with you, some of that shit when it first came out sounded good. I’m not gonna front, if you use it right it can sound cool, but there’s an overkill point and we’ve reached it for sure.

THIS is funny...

i wasn't planning on mentioning anything about this Yung Berg situation that hasn't already been addressed ad nauseum on fitdileven different other blog sites but this shit right HERE???

this shit right HERE???

this shit had me crackin de fuck up...


THAT was funny.

this shit right HERE though???


like that's really Berg's twin...



Friday, September 5, 2008

another re-up!!! "Eargasms 4"

Eargasms 4 (rapidshare link)

as Don Pardo would say...

stay tuned!

i'm preparing for yet another journey to Tinseltown this weekend.

lotta shit poppin' off. this is VMA weekend but of even more noteworthiness, Ludacris is performing at the Playboy Mansion on Saturday night...

yeah, that's gonna be pretty interesting. never been to the mansion before because it's one of the TOUGHEST places in LA to gain entry to. in a nutshell, if Hef ain't fuckin with ya then you don't get close enough to his crib to even sniff the grounds but if he deems you as "pretty cool", then you're good and apparently Ludacris has made that list so yea...

expect the "turntable cam" to be in full effect. yessurrr...

i'll also be in attendance at the heavily hyped Madden Challenge tonight between Bow Wow and The Game (i'm rollin with young Shad on this one), and i'll also be pressing buttons and twisting knobs on a brand new MPC 5000 somewhere, as well as paying my first visit to The Do Over on Sunday.

am i geeked?????

FUCK YEAH, holla at y'all later mayne...

oh yeah...

Eargasms 8 is done, i'll let it out the bag sometime after i get back next week...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"Gangsta Grillz 14" (my Aphilliates mixtape debut)


until i did this mixtape in June of '05, i hadn't done a mixtape since "Trunk Muzik Vol. 1", which was a mixtape back in late '03 while i was a member of the World Famous Superfriends that i did in the KITCHEN of my Marietta crib, and sold during the "Chicken & Beer" tour that featured Ludacris, Chingy, David Banner, and Knoc' Turnal. (whatever happened to that dude?)

rewind a sec.

the kitchen you say?

yes niggas, even though i had a complete room designated for all my records and equipment, one day in the drunken & probably blunted spirit of "cookin' somethin up", i decided to set my turntables up on the kitchen stove that i never used, a sight that was truly HILARIOUS!!! my dude Matt The Mayor and Tommy Fixx can personally attest to seeing this setup...

anyway, back to the Gangsta Grillz story...

after being one of the original 7 members when it started in the spring of '97, i had decided to leave the Superfriends in Oct. '04, due to the fact that in all those years, i could count the number of Superfriend parties i was asked to play at on one hand and still have fingers left over.

don't get me wrong, i was putting my share of work in around the city at a LOT of different clubs that were poppin' off as well as hosting my radio show on V103 in addition to all the DJ battles that i was winning. it's just that once the Superfriends started becoming really marketing savvy and they began doing these parties that were becoming larger in profile in the city, even though i was part of the crew, it was like i wasn't a part of the crew because i was never once asked to play at any of them (even though everyone knew/knows that i can rock alongside ANYBODY) and once i started asking questions and not getting answers that made any sense to me, i left. simple and plain...

Drama, Cannon, and Sense had left the crew about a year and change before i did due to similar reasons and maybe a couple other things (like Sense actually getting into an all out brawl with DJ Mars at a club) and they had started their own crew called The Aphilliates. you've read the stories since then so i'll spare you all that...

Dram (as we call him) was really starting to get a buzz with his Gangsta Grillz series, and part of what made the cd's cool to listen to (at least for me), was the fact that he was involved in a back and forth mixtape beef with Superfriend Bobby Black, and them niggas used to trade the funniest jabs back and forth. so one day while i was preparing to go on the Anger Management Tour 2005, Dram hits me like "yo, you should get on this Gangsta Grillz jawn so niggaz'll know that we have the ILLEST squad in the city." i felt like i had a point to prove to certain people for hating on me so i was like "hell yeah, let's get it crackin!"

even though Webbie isn't my personal cup of tea per se, i had fun making this cd. Dram picked out the songs for me, i added my little "one two, one two" thing, he did the rest.

and there you have it...

"Gangsta Grillz 14", hosted by Webbie and Drama, mixed by Jaycee

side note: i used CDJ's on this cd instead of regular turntables, don't really like spinning on them too much though so i haven't really used mine too much since.

coming soon whenever i find the actual CD and not just this cover: Trunk Muzik cover...

then the turntables in the kitchen story will make more sense, lol...

something for Albuquerque...

the Takeover

had a quick AIM convo in the wee hours of the morning with a fellow DJ, DJ Automatic from Albuquerque's KKSS 97.3 in which i learned that Ludacris was gonna be headlining the station's annual Takeover concert on Sept. 21st. he mentioned that he was about to do a mixtape for the concert which would also feature other artists such as The Game, David Banner, Paul Wall, Play-N-Skillz, Lil' Flip, and a few local New Mexico acts. in an instant of delirious thinking, i asked if i could collab on the mix with him, he said "cool", and this half of the mix is the result. instead of using the obvious Ludacris & Game records, i chose to use Paul Wall, Banner, and Play-N-Skillz.

Julio from KKSS is gonna be hosting the mixtape so that's why i left room in between each song for him to talk over.

here's my half, and once Automatic is finished with his, i'll post the entire finished product as well...

The KKSS 97.3 Takeover 3 Mixtape feat. DJ Jaycee (my half) sendspace link

The KKSS 97.3 Takeover 3 Mixtape feat. DJ Jaycee (my half) rapidshare link

The KKSS 97.3 Takeover 3 Mixtape feat. DJ Jaycee (my half) zshare link

my next post is gonna be my very first mixtape as an Aphilliate, "Gangsta Grillz 14, hosted by Webbie". interesting story is gonna be attached with it as well so stay tuned...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Shawne Merriman what the fuck are you thinking?

Reggie's knee...

A Cautionary Tale by Jemele Hill...

The last time former Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Reggie Williams visualized his daring escape, he imagined a black Mercedes, with a beastly driver named Igor, coming to rescue him.

Igor's mission: Neutralize anyone who threatened to keep the former NFL linebacker hospitalized another day, and then whisking Williams away. Show no mercy.

Reggie Williams played through pain for 14 NFL seasons. And now he's paying the price.
When a man's been cooped up in a hospital for four months, unable to walk or use the bathroom on his own, he's bound to get a little loopy.
Fantasizing about imaginary escapes as he lay in New York's Hospital for Special Surgery was just a way for Williams to pass the time. At least for those few moments, the former NFL linebacker was thinking of something other than the indescribable pain in his mangled right knee.

"Put it like this," Williams said, "I know what it feels like to be tortured."

Like most football players, Williams believed that playing through pain was a NFL rite of passage. He starred at Dartmouth and then played 14 seasons in the NFL -- all on a bad right knee.

Williams never thought a day would come when his mind would write a check that his knee couldn't cash. Fourteen right-knee surgeries later -- including seven since April -- it's safe to say Williams' knee is bouncing checks left and right.

"I thought I knew what pain was when I retired," the 53-year-old Williams said.

A few days ago, Pro Bowl linebacker Shawne Merriman made the controversial decision to put off reconstructive knee surgery and play for the San Diego Chargers this season. Since then, Merriman has been called everything from stupid to crazy.

Three decades ago, as a sophomore in college, Williams had the same ligament tears in his knee as Merriman, and he made the exact same decision. He ignored the doctors and played on.

And on. And on. And on.

"The doctors told me the consequences," Williams said, "and I was very cavalier about dealing with whatever medical calamity came in the future."

Multiple doctors have presented Merriman with worst-case possibilities. Williams has lived them.

Today, his right knee looks like something dreamt up by Stephen King and butchered by Freddy Krueger. Four of the surgeries he's had since April were to prevent amputation. He is on his third prosthetic knee.

Here's Reggie Williams' right knee again. If this doesn't scare Shawne Merriman, what will?

Reggie's knee...

"My right leg is a quasi-pogo stick," Williams said.

He is not presumptuous enough to tell Merriman what to do, but he can tell him what to expect.

"He needs to know the scalpel is coming," Williams said.

Williams played 11 of his pro 14 seasons only having minor clean-up procedures on his right knee, before the team doctor told him the cartilage in his knee was gone and he needed microfracture surgery (which was called something different back then). The doctor said he'd be lucky if he lasted another season. And oh, by the way, he'd probably need a new knee at some point.

Williams, who earned an academic scholarship to Dartmouth despite a hearing impediment, lasted three more NFL seasons.

How those sacrifices might cost him down the line was never a consideration. At the time, the only line that mattered to Williams was the offensive line he wanted to smash every Sunday.

Sometimes, Williams doesn't sound too sure he did the right thing.

"I don't think there's any amount of money that I could have imagined as a viable trade for the pain that I've endured to keep my leg," Williams said.

But, had he not done it, would Williams' impact outside of football have been as great?

He was the NFL's Man of the Year in 1986 and Sports Illustrated's Co-Sportsman of the Year in 1987 for his courageous work in helping to end apartheid in South Africa. As a Cincinnati city councilman, he was a key figure in getting the city to divest the stock in its pension fund from all companies that did business in South Africa -- which Archbishop Desmond Tutu praised as crucial in the fight against apartheid. In 2007, Williams became the first living African-American from an Ivy League school to be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

"I had an opportunity while playing to do other things that impacted in a positive way the communities I lived in," he said. "I never would have had a chance to do that otherwise."

When Williams was a player, he thrived on the pain in his knee. He ran two miles from his house to practice every day just so his knees would get used to the pounding.

"It's the art of amnesia," he said. "You forget your pain."

Jemele Hill can be reached at

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008

some classic videos from my formative years...

you can really find damn near ANYTHING on youtube these days so while doing a lil' reminiscing, i decided to dig up a few of the hiphop videos that used to have me GLUED to Rap City, Yo! MTV Raps, and The Box (for the summers that i spent in Detroit).

Arabian Prince "She's Got A Big Posse"

X-Clan "Funkin' Lesson"

Ultramagnetic MC's "Traveling At The Speed Of Thought"

King Tee "Bass"

Eric B. & Rakim "I Ain't No Joke"

Audio Two "Many Styles"

and this wouldn't be right if i didn't post a Detroit joint...

Smiley "Smiley But Not Friendly"

these are just a few of my many faves from back in the day, i'll be posting more soon...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

random thoughts at 4:53am...

why the fuck am i up so insanely early blogging?

because i indulged in some Chinese food from Chin Chin and that shit knocked me right de fuck out afterwards. this isn't the first time it's happened, when i like a particular dish i tend to OD on it. i'm kinda predictable in that regard.


still trippin off the shoutout i got from Grandmaster Flash in his new book. how did THAT happen you ask?


in need of reading material for my plane ride back to the A, i bought the book along with the Black Milk instrumental LP while making a hurried stop thru Fat Beats LA last week. aside from a few typos, his story is one that all DJ's should take note of. what was especially interesting to me was the treatment he got from members of his group and certain folk at his label, Sugarhill Records because in some ways it kinda mirrors some of the things i've gone through with Ludacris and DTP execs, which is a whole nother story in itself. (my book is coming soon, lol...)

as i finished the read, in the back of the book there's a section where he gives thanks, respect & kudos to his peers and amongst names like Premier, Funkmaster Flex, Cash Money & Jazzy Jeff, he also includes DJ Jaycee in Atlanta. that shit blew me the fuck away yo. when i say that a tear was nearly shed, that's not an understatement of any kind. in a way, that was sort of vindication for me because every DJ wants respect and recognition from his peers, especially when you (and other folk, no matter how hard some try and front) know that you've put some heavy legwork in. when a pioneer like Grand Master Flash recognizes and most of all respects what you do and have done, that's a pretty big deal. now i can put this moment up there amongst a few other memorable moments like when Jazzy Jeff and Clark Kent (at different times) told me they LOVED my Michael Jackson mix. again, totally unexpected and coming from legendary DJ's of that caliber, mind blowing.

just goes to show you that even though sometimes it seems that no one ( know who) is paying any attention to you, someone's paying attention...

so the momentum must continue.

vol. 7 coming in a couple days shawty...

Monday, August 25, 2008

are you kidding me?

this'll replace T-Baby for a minute...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

it was only a matter of time "Whooty"

those who know me very well had to figure that it was only a matter of time before i incorporated some ass somewhere on this page, and you'd be right. now has been deemed the appropriate time and i'll kick things off with a video of a phenomenon currently taking the country by storm.

what phenomenon is that you say?

i answer you with, the "whooty" phenomenon.


white girl with a booty, lol...

that girl got some TALENT don't she?

anyway, Luda referred to this phenomenon back in '03 with the lyric "i'm the new phenomenon like white women with ass" on his Chicken & Beer album but we've ALL seen a few "Coco" types chillin' in the cut here and there.




i don't mind em' personally (ahem...), but given a choice, i tend to lean towards this right here...


"that's how i roll" (Jack Black "Anchorman")


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"From The Soul: The Music & Influence of De La Soul"

first off, much respect to Sorce-1 for asking me to contribute a mix to accompany his dope ass article on one of the GREATEST groups in hiphop history. more props to the entire TSS crew (y'all are MAJOR!!!) and P for them damn graphics!!! last but certainly not least, props to De La Soul because without their 20 years of contributing nothing but quality material to the hiphop landscape, this mix wouldn't have been possible.

i planned to do a post on how this mix came into existence but jet lag is kickin' my ass from back to back cross country flights in less than 35 hours so in the meantime, click the link and enjoy.

The Smoking Section Presents "From The Soul: The Music & Influence of De La Soul"

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


for those of you who are new to the "Eargasms" joints or missed out the first go round, here ya go.

"Eargasme Le' Trois" (part three)

"Eargasms: Version 2.0"


volume 4 and "Kick Rocks" are coming up shortly, be patient...

a quick teaser...

go to The Smoking Section and check out the article "From The Soul: The Music & Influence Of De La Soul" written by the homie DJ Sorce-1. it's a very dope piece and i was interviewed PLUS i contributed a 79:30 mix to accompany it. the mix isn't posted yet though, that's coming later on tonight but in the meantime enjoy the article.

YES i will post a tracklisting for it as well as multiple links so stay tuned.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

what a week this should be...

just got out of the brainasium, had a pretty cool session today. i laid down another Eargasms joint (which will be number 6) and lemme tell ya...

in addition to some timeless hiphop classics, i got really creative with the blending on this joint. records that i've always wanted to hear in a different context got my "blender" treatment and they came out of it just fine. for the most part, i kept it recognizable since i know that my 90's joint that i did a couple weeks back might've gone over a few heads. understand though, that wasn't intended to be a "best of" type of mix. just some of my personal faves that i always rocked with and i figured if Just Blaze could do one, why can't i?

anyway, so yeah i have two more joints dropping this week. Eargasms 6 and a collaboration mixtape with my favorite blog site (TSS is MAJOR!!!) based on the music and influence of one of hiphop's all-time greatest groups. the mix was done damn near a month ago but i've been sworn to maintain an air of mystery around it until it drops this week (FINALLY, lol). if you need some type of hint, the group has been in the game for 20 years, and it was a task trying to put all of their classics and dope ass album cuts & select soundtrack singles into 79 minutes and 30 seconds. i was up to the challenge though, and i believe that this mix can create new fans of the group, as well as make longtime fans be like "dayummmmmm!!"

that is all for now, gotta head to Cali this week for some equipment maintenance and shows later this week. maybe i'll finally get some Madden time in...

i'm aware that links to a couple of older Eargasms volumes (3 & 4) are dead so i'll be re-upping those shortly.

and Fubu, i heard u loud & clear buddy. the process has been more difficult than you'll ever know shawty. hit me up on the celly and we'll rap...

Friday, August 15, 2008


in case you're wondering why the hell i've opened up a new blogspot page, it's because for some odd reason i couldn't change layouts & templates to where i could add links and rss feeds and what have you at my eight mile page. i been done got tired (yeah i said it) of that same boring ass white background but i just couldn't do shit about it so i just said fuck it, and opened up a new joint. i'ma still keep the other page for a little while, but slowly & surely i'm gonna put more emphasis on this one since i can add gadgets and ish like that. some of the old mixes will reappear here as well as a few other things to make it interesting so stay tuned.

the Detroit theme is still prevalent, hence the Boblo Island moniker. for those who don't know, that was OUR equivalent to Six Flags and Kings Island until it closed back in '93 because of white flight (basically the niggros started runnin' shit to the point where it just HAD to get shut down. robberies, fights on the boat ride, drugs, name the illicit activity and more than likely it was goin' down at Boblo, lol)

but yeah, i'm back & forth between and there so holla...

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