Saturday, August 23, 2008

it was only a matter of time "Whooty"

those who know me very well had to figure that it was only a matter of time before i incorporated some ass somewhere on this page, and you'd be right. now has been deemed the appropriate time and i'll kick things off with a video of a phenomenon currently taking the country by storm.

what phenomenon is that you say?

i answer you with, the "whooty" phenomenon.


white girl with a booty, lol...

that girl got some TALENT don't she?

anyway, Luda referred to this phenomenon back in '03 with the lyric "i'm the new phenomenon like white women with ass" on his Chicken & Beer album but we've ALL seen a few "Coco" types chillin' in the cut here and there.




i don't mind em' personally (ahem...), but given a choice, i tend to lean towards this right here...


"that's how i roll" (Jack Black "Anchorman")


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"From The Soul: The Music & Influence of De La Soul"

first off, much respect to Sorce-1 for asking me to contribute a mix to accompany his dope ass article on one of the GREATEST groups in hiphop history. more props to the entire TSS crew (y'all are MAJOR!!!) and P for them damn graphics!!! last but certainly not least, props to De La Soul because without their 20 years of contributing nothing but quality material to the hiphop landscape, this mix wouldn't have been possible.

i planned to do a post on how this mix came into existence but jet lag is kickin' my ass from back to back cross country flights in less than 35 hours so in the meantime, click the link and enjoy.

The Smoking Section Presents "From The Soul: The Music & Influence of De La Soul"

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


for those of you who are new to the "Eargasms" joints or missed out the first go round, here ya go.

"Eargasme Le' Trois" (part three)

"Eargasms: Version 2.0"


volume 4 and "Kick Rocks" are coming up shortly, be patient...

a quick teaser...

go to The Smoking Section and check out the article "From The Soul: The Music & Influence Of De La Soul" written by the homie DJ Sorce-1. it's a very dope piece and i was interviewed PLUS i contributed a 79:30 mix to accompany it. the mix isn't posted yet though, that's coming later on tonight but in the meantime enjoy the article.

YES i will post a tracklisting for it as well as multiple links so stay tuned.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

what a week this should be...

just got out of the brainasium, had a pretty cool session today. i laid down another Eargasms joint (which will be number 6) and lemme tell ya...

in addition to some timeless hiphop classics, i got really creative with the blending on this joint. records that i've always wanted to hear in a different context got my "blender" treatment and they came out of it just fine. for the most part, i kept it recognizable since i know that my 90's joint that i did a couple weeks back might've gone over a few heads. understand though, that wasn't intended to be a "best of" type of mix. just some of my personal faves that i always rocked with and i figured if Just Blaze could do one, why can't i?

anyway, so yeah i have two more joints dropping this week. Eargasms 6 and a collaboration mixtape with my favorite blog site (TSS is MAJOR!!!) based on the music and influence of one of hiphop's all-time greatest groups. the mix was done damn near a month ago but i've been sworn to maintain an air of mystery around it until it drops this week (FINALLY, lol). if you need some type of hint, the group has been in the game for 20 years, and it was a task trying to put all of their classics and dope ass album cuts & select soundtrack singles into 79 minutes and 30 seconds. i was up to the challenge though, and i believe that this mix can create new fans of the group, as well as make longtime fans be like "dayummmmmm!!"

that is all for now, gotta head to Cali this week for some equipment maintenance and shows later this week. maybe i'll finally get some Madden time in...

i'm aware that links to a couple of older Eargasms volumes (3 & 4) are dead so i'll be re-upping those shortly.

and Fubu, i heard u loud & clear buddy. the process has been more difficult than you'll ever know shawty. hit me up on the celly and we'll rap...