Saturday, October 18, 2008

reminder: don't forget to check me out 2night (8-9pm CST at

and in case you can't make it to a radio or what have you, here ya go...

set one
John Legend "Green Light"
OutKast "Bombs Over Baghdad"
Abdel Halim Hafez "Khosara"
Jay-Z feat. UGK "Big Pimpin"
Jaycee "My Theme Music"
Jaycee "What You Know About A Millie" (jaycee blend)
T.I. "24's"
Lil' Wayne "Go DJ"
Lil' Jon feat. Ludacris "Bia Bia"
Makaveli "Hail Mary"

set two
The Clash "Straight To Hell"
M.I.A. "Paper Planes"
T.I. "Swagger Like Us"
Yung Joc "It's Goin' Down"
Beyonce "Get Me Bodied" (jaycee blend)
Juvenile "Back That Thang Up"
Snoop Dogg "Drop It Like It's Hot"
LL Cool J "Baby"

yeah i know i know what some of you are already saying to yourselves...

their current mixshow playlist leaves a lot to be desired at the moment but i'm doing my best to inject a different feel and break up the monotony by adding a few recurrents and what not. slowly but surely i'm gonna get the whole station up to speed, y'all know how i do hahahaha...


set one

set two


Friday, October 17, 2008

i'm at MJQ tonight...

tonight once i get back from Miami i'll be doing a set alongside The Brothers Funk (Brett Eclectic & Cozy Shawn) in the Lounge. this'll be pretty cool because it's a departure from the straight hiphop sets that i normally spin in the main room when i'm there. i'll be playing a lil' bit of everything that i grew up on so expect to hear a wide variety of fly shit. if you dig/dug the "Mizell Edition" joint i did, then this is for you. if you dig/dug the "Sample Clearance" joint i did with Don Cannon and Gene Brown, then this is for you. if you dig/dug any of the "Eargasms" joints, then this is for you. if you dig/dug the "Lake Minnetonka Suite, then this is for you. if you tune into me everyday at noon on, then this is for you. basically, if you've been rockin' with me for a while or if you're a newbie to the musical world of Jaycee then you need to have your ass inside the Lounge of MJQ tonight!

bring me some Jagerbombs, lol...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

i can't laugh, but that doesn't mean y'all can't...

the reason why i say i can't laugh is because i know what that shit feels like firsthand. those of you who know me very well have heard my Spring Break '07 story, those who don't, well let's just say that i fell in a very public place. what kept it from being a real spectacle and the difference between my fall and hers was the fact that i have almost cat like reflexes and i bounced my ass right back up almost as quickly as i hit the ground in an effort to play it off hahaha...

as a permanent reminder there's a really deep gash in my left leg with a really ugly scar that didn't heal well at all.

fuck it, everybody falls a few times in their life and in my opinion i think that what really makes this funny is the Donnie McClurkin that's played while she's on the ground. pay close attention.


Miami here i come...

Eminem/Jordan collabo number 2...

and guess what??? ya boy wants AND WILL get a pair (never question my determination to get my hands and feet into something that i WANT!)

here are details straight jacked from

For the launch of Eminem's new book The Way I Am, we have again teamed up with Nike's Jordan Brand for a collaboration on another classic Jordan silhouette. Above is a spy pic of "The Way I Am" Air Jordan 2. This is a one-off, super limited edition sneaker.
This shoe marks the second collaboration with Eminem and Jordan Brand, the first being the Air Jordan 4 “Blueberry” that was a promo and contest winner only shoe released in conjunction with Eminem's album Encore. The Jordan 2 is Marshall's favorite Air Jordan sneaker, so he was super excited to get to be able to do another collaboration with his favorite sneaker brand.
The shoe, as seen above, will be produced in a different colorway than the original AJ2 and includes handwritten lyrics from Eminem's songs on the shoe detail (see the ankle collar and toe trim). The collaboration also includes a limited-edition "The Way I Am" Jordan T-shirt.
There will be only 313 pairs available for purchase at the official Jordan Brand “Flight Club”: To receive an invitation code text "Flight Club" to 23623.
Proceeds from the shoe will go towards Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers Foundation, an organization primarily dedicated to helping disadvantaged youth in the state of Michigan.
At present time, the retail price of this collaboration is yet to be determined.
Eminem's "The Way I Am" book is available from Penguin/Dutton on Tuesday, October 21st.

sidenote: gotta love how only 313 pairs will be available for purchase.