Monday, December 1, 2008

Jaycee & 9th Wonder at DTLR in Charlotte, NC

sorry y'all, hadn't had too much time to blog because i've been SOOPER busy with doing a lotta Ludacris related promo stuff for the new album (Theater Of The Mind, in stores NOW), plus my daily radio stuff on V103 (The Lunch Box Mix) and other things.

this one's a doozy though.

a funny thing happened while at DTLR in Charlotte, NC yesterday. Ludacris has been doing a few in-store appearances for the apparel chain featuring me on the tables playing cuts from the album. the homie 9th Wonder just happened to be in attendance and near the end of the event, i began playing a couple segments from my Michael Jackson: The Soulful Years mixtape. he hadn't heard it before so the first thing i played was "With A Child's Heart", that Khrysis sampled for the song "Watch Me" on LB's "The Minstrel Show" album. instant headnodding ensued but all hell broke loose (in a good way, ha!) once i cued up "Dear Michael" and let that rock for a sec.

9th was previously in the middle of a convo with someone else on the other side of the store but abruptly ended that and made an instant beeline for the turntables, lol.


i'd elaborate a little more in detail but i have to head up to v103 to do my show, i promise to holla back at y'all in detail later on.

and oh yeah, credit must first & foremost be given to my man Tank (IKNOWTANK.COM) for capturing this with my camera. you know how other sites like to jack niggaz footage and pretend like they were there and they were nowhere in sight, lol...

thanks Tank, thanks 9th.