Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"From The Soul: The Music & Influence of De La Soul"

first off, much respect to Sorce-1 for asking me to contribute a mix to accompany his dope ass article on one of the GREATEST groups in hiphop history. more props to the entire TSS crew (y'all are MAJOR!!!) and P for them damn graphics!!! last but certainly not least, props to De La Soul because without their 20 years of contributing nothing but quality material to the hiphop landscape, this mix wouldn't have been possible.

i planned to do a post on how this mix came into existence but jet lag is kickin' my ass from back to back cross country flights in less than 35 hours so in the meantime, click the link and enjoy.

The Smoking Section Presents "From The Soul: The Music & Influence of De La Soul"


Shawn said...

I love your mixes; is there anyone you can post them broken up by tracks. Sometimes I just want to go back a track because it may be a song or mix that I am like WTF. I know some of the earlier Eargasms were broken up this way. Just a request. I want to once again reiterate how much I enjoy your mixes!!!!!!!

Fluff Daddy

DJ SORCE-1 said...


You are a beast.

Thank you for making this project complete!!!


Matt said...

Man once again raising the bar for mixtapes...great work on this

Gotty™ said...

He's The DJ...

Gary said...

Hearing the dirt mark on your " Yes We Can Can" lets me know how official you are. Respect for this and all the other joints you bless us with