Thursday, September 11, 2008

where was I when disaster struck on 9/11/01?


i had literally just moved into my new crib out in Marietta a couple days earlier so there were unpacked boxes with tons of sneakers, equipment, and records PLUS my girl's stuff (yeah i had one at the time) all over the place. she had already left in the morning for work at Piedmont Hospital and i was packing for a trip to NYC (yep) because Ludacris was scheduled to tape an appearance on 106 & Park that day. my tv at the time wasn't "cable ready" and Comcast hadn't made it out yet so i had NO IDEA of what was going on. Ludacris was already in NYC because he was at the Michael Jackson Tribute that N'Sync put on plus it was his birthday (yes his birthday is September 11th so he'll ALWAYS remember this tragic day)

i remember that my flight was supposed to be at 10something and usually there'd be a driver parked out front ready to drive me to the airport well in advance of flight time but i kept going outside and wondering "where in the hell is the driver? i can't miss my flight!!!"

so i make the call to Books (Luda's former road manager) like "did u give the driver my new address? he's not outside, i'm trying not to miss the flight. where u at?"

he's like "nigga turn on the tv, ain't no muthafuckin flights goin NOWHERE today and probably for the rest of the week. some terrorists have flown into the World Trade Center, plus the Pentagon in DC and somewhere else in Pennsylvania so travel is a wrap."

because i couldn't watch tv i didn't really grasp how serious the situation was. i remember when the World Trade Center was originally bombed back in '93 and although it made a splash for a sec, it turned out to be NOTHING compared to this. no disrespect intended to the families of those who lost their lives in '93, but this turned out to be an entirely different kind of animal.

first i took a slight breather knowing that i had no immediate family in New York City so i turned on the radio and i listened to Denise Dunbar (v103) confirm everything Books said and then some.

knowing Ludacris & Chaka were already in NYC i tried hitting them up but all the Skytel 2way communication lines were fucked up in that vicinity for a while but it turned out that they were safe and in a car driving back to Atlanta.

Comcast came the next day and then i got to see all the carnage myself over and over for hours on end.

absolutely disgusting...

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couldn't believe my eyes. disbelief quickly turned into anger but there wasn't really shit i could do about it.

i won't lie, once the terrorists had been identified, anyone who looked foreign or Arabic to me got the extreme side-eye, ESPECIALLY once travel resumed a few days later at the airports with all the extra security precautions being put in place. damn that shit was hella aggravating before i got used to it. i remember when your family/girl/chick/sidepiece/jumpoff/whatever could meet you at the gate upon landing in the city, NOT NO MO! i remember being able to have more than one carry on bag, NOT NO MO!!! all types of extra shit like drinks and etc, NOT NO MO!!!

thank Osama and all his other terrorist brethren for that...

thank God shit is a lot safer now, or at least it feels that way.

Lord forbid something else happens....

"crossing my fingers that it doesn't"


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ChicaGOrilla said...

Fam you do you really think Osama Bin Laden had anything to do w/ 9/11? I mean you them cats quick to claim when they bomb ANYTHING!You need to fall thru Sol Munki and get that Obama tee too homie.