Tuesday, October 21, 2008

i mean really, can we let this term die already?

yea i know i know. i'm hella late in voicing my opinion on this shit but enough is fucking enough.

i respected the "for us by us" plug in the middle of the Gap commercial back in '98 but this shit RIGHT HERE?

this shit RIGHT HERE???

come on Todd...you KNOW better. (although the dude who plays "you" in the commercial is dumb funny with that bitch ass yelp, lol)

then again, who am i kidding? i'd probably have taken that check too..

but seriously though, enough of the "swag" talk. it's very ingratiating on my ears.

i'm gonna quote the homie Senor Kaos: "swagger is NOTHING, talent is EVERYTHING!!!" look out for his mixtape of the same title coming very shortly...


DJ Rage said...

I was just talking to somebody about this the other day. I wanna poke the nigga in the eye that came up with that shyt.

ChicaGOrilla said...

Now it becomes a question of what won't we do to get a check? James Todd Smith lost a gang of points on his GOAT resume for that one. He starting to look like Washington Wizard Jordan