Monday, September 15, 2008

La Di Da Di: for all you mp3J's out there who don't know any better (thank me later, lol)...

yeah i call u mp3J's because u download a buncha classic hiphop shit off the net without actually LISTENING to it before attempting to play out somewhere.

nothing wrong with downloading (shit i do it myself from time to time, i'm not CRAZY) but c'mon people, get your LISTENING skills back up. i can't (and won't) respect you as a DJ (females too, y'all aren't exempt from criticism) if u don't even know the songs that you play.

I'm ranting because i had the misfortune of going out a few nights ago and hearing a muhfucka play "La Di Da Di" without him even noticing that parts of that song that help make it the TIMELESS CLASSIC that it'll always be were edited out. the crowd even looked at him like "nigga what the fuck???"

so i've decided to do you guys a favor and uh, help you out per se.

Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew "La Di Da Di" (the REAL unedited version) zshare link

Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew "La Di Da Di" (the REAL unedited version) rapidshare link

now take a listen to that, and then compare it to your mp3. see what's missing in your version???

i didn't bother cleaning the record beforehand, i intentionally left all the crackle and pop in there for the authenticity cause some of y'all don't know what that's like, lol...

and yeah, (to be totally "High Fidelity" retentive) that pic is MY copy of the record and i'm proud to say that i've had that joint for 23 years. i remember exactly where i bought it from and all that (Record Bar in the fall of '85). call me an "old head" all u want, but i know my music.

again, thank me later...

and to again put y'all up on game, "High Fidelity", the movie starring John Cusack and Jack Black about the owner of a record shop with snobbish record store clerks is a MUST SEE.

trust me....


dc said...

thank you!!

my man has been searching for the ORIGINAL version for years. You rock hard.

Anonymous said...

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