Monday, September 15, 2008

this jawn was a crate STAPLE for years (thanx M3!!)

if you were a DJ rocking at any credible venues in the city of Atlanta (or beyond) where authentic hiphop was being spun between the years of '93 and '99, then this joint should be or should have been a staple in your crate.

if you were clever and REALLY knew your shit, then with double copies of it you could cleverly flip both sides (the Before Midnight mix and the After Midnight mix) and keep niggas flippin' their wigs for a good while.

i credit M3 for being the FIRST person i ever heard play this joint back in the day while doing a Sunday night set on 88.5's "Rhythm & Vibes". he KILLED it...

i came across doubles of it a few days later and the rest is party break history. M3 successfully kicked open the door on the "party break" spinning craze here in the A, i kicked that muthafucka DOWN!!!

the Before Midnight mix is what i'm giving you here, you'll have to find the After Midnight mix and the bonus beats on your own shawty...

Funkmaster Flex "Dope On Plastic" (Before Midnight Mix) zshare link

Funkmaster Flex "Dope On Plastic" (Before Midnight Mix) rapidshare link

thank me later...

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